Where is the entrance?
Please take the HARUKAS Shuttle from the 2nd floor of OSAKA HARUKAS Tower to the entrance gate on the 16th floor.
Please purchase a same-day ticket at the Ticket Counter on the 16th floor.
Same-day tickets are on sale only at the Ticket Counter on the 16th floor.
Are lockers or places for baggage storage available?
There are limited coin lockers for OSAKA HARUKAS OBSERVATORY, but the number is limited.
Also, the use of the locker is only available when you are in the observatory.
How long does it take to visit and is there a time limit?
Although visiting times vary from person to person, since there is a café space and souvenir shop inside the observatory most visitors stay for about one to one and a half hours. There is no time limit to how long you can stay, so please take your time and enjoy OSAKA HARUKAS OBSERVATORY.
Is there a nursing room?
We do not provide a nursing room.
Is there a first-aid room?
We do not provide a first-aid room. If you feel ill, please contact one of our staff.
What are the opening hours of the shop, café, and photo service?
Shop: Operating hours are the same as those of OSAKA HARUKAS OBSERVATORY. However, these times are subject to change without prior notice. Please check the operation information page before visiting.
Café: Last order for food at 21:00 / Last order for drinks at 21:30
Photo service: 9:30 to 21:30


Can I smoke?
There is a smoking area on the 58th floor.
Do you provide wheelchairs or pushchairs?
We provide wheelchairs at the entrance on the 16th floor. Please note that supplies are limited.
We do not provide pushchairs.
Can I connect to the Internet (Wi-Fi)?
There is no Internet (Wi-Fi) environment in the observatory.
(You can connect devices such as an iPad to the D-KINTETSU Wi-Fi, but it is generally difficult to connect to Wi-Fi from smartphones.)
Is there a space for charging electronic devices such as a mobile phone or PC?
There are no spaces for charging electronic devices in the observatory.
Do you have staff that speak foreign languages?
Our staff that can speak foreign languages wear special badges.
We also provide a video translation service using tablet devices.
Supported languages: English/Chinese/Korean/Thai/Russian
What is the closest train station?
Please check the foreign language version of the Kintetsu Department Store for information on the available train lines and exits.
Do you offer disability discounts?
We do not offer discounts for disability certificates issued outside of Japan.
Are chargers available?
We do not provide chargers.
Can I take photos using a tripod?
You can take photos using a tripod, but we may ask you to refrain from doing so during busy times.
Do you offer a currency exchange service?
We do not offer a currency exchange service. Please use the Foreign Customer's Salon located on floor 3.5 of the Wing Building (open from 10:00 to 20:30).


Can I eat and drink anywhere in OSAKA HARUKAS OBSERVATORY?
You can eat and drink only purchases from the 58th-floor cafe restaurant named〝SKY GARDEN 300,″and only on the 58th floor.
* You cannot eat or drink on the 59th or 60th floors.


Can I purchase tickets by credit card, cash voucher or e-money?
Yes, you can. You can pay with the following credit cards, e-money and cash vouchers.
Credit card: VISA, MUFG, MasterCard, DC, JCB, AMERICAN EXPRESS, Diners Club, UC,DISCOVER and China UnionPay card (one-time payment only)
QR code payment: PayPay, LINEPay, merpay, dpay, WeChat Pay and Alipay.
E-money: PiTaPa, ICOCA and other IC ride cards
Cash voucher: Kintetsu Group merchandise certificates
Can I refund a ticket after purchase or have a lost ticket reissued?
We regret that we do not offer this service.
Is re-entry allowed?
If you purchase a one-day ticket, you can reenter as many times as you like on the same day.
*Make sure to purchase a one-day ticket if you require re-entry, as re-entry is not allowed with only a same-day ticket or reservation. One-day tickets can be purchased from the ticket counter before admission.
What time is last admission?
Last admission is 30 minutes before closing time.
Please check the "Operation information" page for information on the current operating hours.


Can I make a reservation for EDGE THE HARUKAS?
No, you can’t, because the attraction may be cancelled due to bad weather conditions, etc.
How much is the fee?
It costs 1,000 yen in addition to the admission fee for the Observatory (there is no age-based discount).
The admission fee for the Observatory is 1,500 yen for adults, 1,200 yen for high school and junior high school students, and 700 yen for elementary school students.
* Details on the admission fee for the Observatory are provided here.
Are there any requirements for participation?
Yes, there are some requirements for the safety of our guests. Please be understanding of this beforehand.
The rules and regulations for participation are here.
Can small children participate in the attraction?
Please refer to the rules and regulations here. Elementary school children or younger children need to be accompanied by their guardian to participate in this attraction.
Can I take a photo while enjoying EDGE THE HARUKAS?
No, you can’t, but we will give you a photo taken by our staff member and its data afterward. This is included in the fee.
You are not allowed to bring a camera or a mobile device to the attraction, due to risk of them falling.
How long will it take?
About seven minutes, but some waiting time will be additionally required when there are many guests.