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About the Attraction

EDGE THE HARUKAS is an attraction offering the thrill of walking on the edge of a 300-meter cliff. In this attraction, guests, while attached by a harness to a safety rail, walk along a narrow deck about 60 cm in width and 20 m in length newly installed on the glass fence on the top of the 300-meter building of ABENO HARUKAS. This is the first such attraction in Japan*1 that is operated at such height. Leaning over the edge of the skyscraper, you can look straight down into the streets far below, thoroughly enjoying the panoramic view with no obstacles in all directions.

*1 No other attractions of this kind have been operated at the height of 300 meters above the ground in Japan before, according to our survey.

Operation Information

Launch date

Reception time 13:00~19:50(From 15:50 to 18:00, the reception is suspended.)

 (1) 13:00~  (2) 14:00~  (3) 15:00~  (4) 16:00~  (5) 18:00~  (6) 19:00~  (7) 20:00~

Time Required

about 50min.(Staying at Edge is approximately 15 minutes long.)


On the roof of ABENO HARUKAS(accessible from the Observatory)


7 participants per session(It will be a private guide for each group.)


2,000 yen per person
(Including commemorative photo and photo data besides the entry fee for the attraction) * There is no age-based discount.
* The admission fee for the Observatory is additionally required.
* No refund is available.


Application Center on the 60th floor of ABENO HARUKAS

Application Center

* The attraction can be cancelled in case of bad weather (e.g. rain, strong wind, snow etc.)
* Operation of the attraction may be temporarily suspended for exterior glass cleaning.

Attraction Flow


Application / Receiving the Uniform

An application for participation is accepted at the Application Center on the 60th floor (HARUKAS 300) of ABENO HARUKAS, where you will be asked to show your ID card (reservations are not available).
Sign your name on a commitment form and submit it.
After the payment, we will give you a participation certificate.
Receive the specified uniform and wait in line.
-Please empty your pocket and leave any belongings in a locker.
-Items such as a wristwatch, earrings, a necklace, etc. must be taken off.
-As for your face mask, our staff will give you instructions.



A staff member will guide you to the stand-by space. Follow the preparation procedure below:
- Wear the specified uniform over your own clothes. (If you need to change your clothes, you can use the changing area on the 60th floor of ABENO HARUKAS.)
- Put on the harness and fasten the safety belt.
- If you are wearing glasses, use a glasses strap.
- Change your shoes if instructed by the staff to do so.


Starting the Experience

Following the instructions from our staff, you move from preparation area to Edge, and the attraction begins!
Please enjoy a breathtaking view about 15 minutes.
After the experience finishes, we will take some souvenir pictures.


the Commemorative Photo

You can receive the commemorative photo at the Application Center on the 60th floor of ABENO HARUKAS. The image data of the photo can be downloaded from the URL and the QR code printed on the photo.

* During the attraction, if the weather turns bad (e.g. rain, strong wind, snow, etc.), the attraction can be cancelled in the middle.


Can I make a reservation for EDGE THE HARUKAS?
No, you can’t, because the attraction may be cancelled due to bad weather conditions, etc.
* Excepts for certain travel agencies.
Are there any requirements for participation?
Yes, there are some requirements for the safety of our guests. Please be understanding of this beforehand.
The rules and regulations for participation are here.
Can small children participate in the attraction?
Please refer to the rules and regulations here. Elementary school children or younger children need to be accompanied by their guardian to participate in this attraction.
Can I take a photo while enjoying EDGE THE HARUKAS?
No, you can’t, but we will give you a photo taken by our staff member and its data afterward. This is included in the fee.
You are not allowed to bring a camera or a mobile device to the attraction, due to risk of them falling.
How long will it take?
You will spend 20 minutes at preparation area, and 15 minutes at Edge. Including the time at reception, the total time would be 50 minutes.
There are more than one group waiting ahead, you need extra time waiting in line.

Rules and Regulations

To ensure your safety, we have set the following rules.
We request your kind understanding and cooperation.


①Age requirement

Elementary school students or younger children are required to be accompanied by their guardian (one adult aged 18 or older per child).

②Height requirement

People whose height is 145 cm or shorter, or 200 cm or taller, are not permitted to participate in the attraction.

③Other requirements

People who meet any of the following conditions are not permitted to participate in the attraction:
-People with high blood pressure or cardiac diseases, or who are pregnant
-People who need support to go up/down stairs
-People who cannot wear the specified uniform or safety belt
-People who do not sign a commitment form
-People who are drunk
-People who are considered by the staff to be unable to enjoy the attraction safely

【Measures to prevent new coronavirus infection at this attraction】

-When participating, please cooperate with alcohol disinfection of your fingers.

-In order to prevent heat stroke, wearing a mask during the experience is optional.
(If you wear a mask, we will lend you a mask band to prevent it from falling.)

-While participating in the attraction,we are cooperating in ensuring the distance between customers. The staff can guide you without their face mask.


-You are not permitted to bring a camera, a cellphone or a mobile device to the attraction.
-All belongings including accessories must be stored in a coin-operated
locker to prevent them from falling during the experience.
-You will be asked to wear the specified uniform over your own clothes.
-You will be asked to put on a harness and safety belt as well.
-If you wear shoes that might come off easily such as sandals or high-heeled shoes, we will let you switch to a pair of particular shoes.

* Due to future government announcements, may be closed or business hours/contents may be changed. * When entering the Harukas 300 (observatory), please cooperate with the new coronavirus infection prevention measures.

Operation Schedule

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