Osaka From Above: 360° Views from 300 Meters High Osaka From Above: 360° Views from 300 Meters High

“ABENO HARUKAS OBSERVATORY” is the observatory located in the building “ABENO HARUKAS” 300 meters above ground.

The observatory occupies the 58th, 59th, and 60th floors and offers panoramic 360° views of the dynamic city of Osaka, as well as far off into the surrounding region, from the ancient capital of Kyoto to Kobe and the Rokko mountains. Relax on the deck space, take a breather in the café, or enjoy one of the many events held at the observatory depending on the time and season.

  • Now and Then -Daytime- Now and Then -Daytime-
  • ABENO HARUKAS OBSERVATORY in the daytime is especially interesting because it feels like both a diorama and a historical map. Experience sights from ancient burial mounds and important historical buildings, such as Osaka Castle and Shitennoji Temple, to Tsutenkaku Tower and Osaka’s old town districts, where the atmosphere of the Showa period is still evident, to the high rises of Osaka, Japan’s commerce capital. Take in the splendid topography that covers Kansai’s main regions and remains unchanged since ancient times. Looking from the east to the south, you can see Mount Yoshino and Mount Ikoma, celebrated in classical poetry from Japan’s Nara and Heian periods, and in the west, beyond Osaka Bay, Awaji Island and the Seto Inland Sea are visible.

  • Melancholy and Expectation -Evening- Melancholy and Expectation -Evening-
  • As the sun sinks down in the west, the waters of the Yodo River and Osaka Bay slowly turn from gold to wine red as twilight takes hold. The eastern sky deepens more quickly than the wine red sky to the west and turns to navy-black as the lights begin to come on. The streets of metropolitan Osaka also begin to turn to hues of red, and as the mood of another day ending permeates the air, the expectations that come with the night heighten. As the seasons change, the point where the sun sets in the evening also changes, adding to the enjoyment. The shadow of ABENO HARUKAS stretches into the east, becoming a sight to behold in its own right as it lies across the Osaka streets.

  • The Calm and the Thrill -Night- The Calm and the Thrill -Night-
  • Surrounded by the sea and by mountains of gently undulating ridgelines, the nightscape of Osaka truly resembles a box of jewels. Glittering red, blue, white, and yellow, the lights of airplanes on night routes taking off and landing at Kansai International Airport and Itami Airport seem like slow-moving shooting stars, lending romance to the night air. To the northwest is Tsutenkaku Tower, one of the symbols of Osaka, but a trick of the light makes it seem to appear like a mirage on the northeast side as well. This “phantom” Tsutenkaku Tower is just another part of the night’s magic.

    *The “phantom” Tsutenkaku Tower  appears only at night in a corner of 1 or 2 square meters at the northeast corner of the observatory’s 60th floor.


The Place Closest to the Stars The Place Closest to the Stars

  • Lover’s Sanctuary

    Wishing upon a star with the promise of eternal love… ABENO HARUKAS OBSERVATORY is a certified “Lover’s Sanctuary”, a romantic spot thought to be perfect for a marriage proposal. Pledge your love at Harukas Heart, a photo spot on the 58th floor with a heart-shaped padlock that symbolizes the bond of love.

Feel Free in a Garden of the Sky Feel Free in a Garden of the Sky

  • Wood Deck

    The large, wooden deck space on the 58th floor is completely open to the sky above. Take a break or leisurely enjoy some food and drink in the fresh air. The nightscape, with a somewhat different feel from the observatory’s 60th floor, is another highlight.

  • Twin Towers

    The two towers standing side by side on the 58th floor and the beautiful light of sunset between them are must-sees

There are even more places to be amazed There are even more places to be amazed

  • Restrooms

    The restrooms have full-length glass windows like the rest of the observatory, which makes the view in the mirror above the washbasins even more interesting.

  • Glass Flooring

    A portion of the observatory is clad in glass flooring. The evening light comes shining through at your feet, making you feel as if you’re floating in space.

Here, It’s a Different World Here, It’s a Different World

  • Elevator

    From the entrance on the 16th floor, the elevator ascends to the 60th floor at 288 meters above the ground. It’s as if you’ve taken off from a runway on a flight into the starry night sky. Basking in light designed with such a flight in mind, the elevator pleasantly whisks you up in just 50 seconds to a heavenly world. At the moment the doors open, the blue sky or night skyline spreads forth before you, and it may even make you gasp in awe.

The Beauty of Looking Up The Beauty of Looking Up

  • Views from Surrounding Areas

    Enjoy the spectacular sight of the towering complex in the high sky when you look up from the garden on ABENO HARUKAS’s 16th floor or from “Sky Plaza” on the 10th floor of the adjoining Kintetsu Department Store Wing Building.

    Every night on the hour (19:00-24:00 from May 1 to August 31; 18:00-24:00 from September 1 to April 30), the lights surrounding the observatory chase each other around in a special performance. The complex is surrounded by Osaka’s old town districts, so there are many bustling shopping streets, as well as places to unwind, to the delight of any traveler. The entrance to Tenshiba in Tennnoji Park, which is one such place, and the area near the North Exit of Tennoji Station are two spots from which you can experience the light show. So you can enjoy the city, then the views from ABENO HARUKAS OBSERVATORY, and then the city again. Take in the scenes and enjoy Osaka to your heart’s content.


“ABENO HARUKAS OBSERVATORY” is the observatory located in the building “ABENO HARUKAS” 300 meters above ground,
consisting of three layers of the 58th, 59th and 60th floors. When weather permits, this observatory commands a panoramic view of Kyoto to the Rokko Mountains, Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge to Awaji Island, Ikoma Mountains and Kansai International Airport.

  • 60F [Arrivals floor]

    An indoor gallery constructed of glass all around from the floor to the ceiling. You can enjoy a panoramic view of the Osaka plain and other features from the height of approximately 300 meters above the ground. It is a “space of wonderment” where you will feel as if you are walking in the air.

    59F [Exit floor]

    A shop for ABENO HARUKAS OBSERVATORY novelty goods is located here.


    An outdoor space with an open roof where you can feel the air. Various events can be held in the outdoor space, which features wood deck panels and is surrounded by planting. It is a “soothing space” where you can relax and enjoy the views. In addition, a cafe restaurant where you can enjoy eating and drinking is located indoors.